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Posted on Monday, August 28, 2023

** If reading and/or completing this application presents a barrier to your participation, please contact alumni@ventureforcanada.ca to set up a time for a verbal application. 

We are recruiting for the 4th Alumni Council, who will serve from September 2023-2024. Applicants must be graduated Alumni of Venture for Canada's Fellowship Program.

The deadline for Applications is Monday, September 4, at midnight local.

VFC's Alumni Council was launched in 2019 by members of the Alumni Community. In the years since, the Council has spearheaded significant growth in Alumni engagement with VFC; in meaningful Alumni gatherings (including the annual Alumni Summit); and in the ways in which Alumni contribute to each other's success and the success of VFC's mission and vision. 

The Alumni Council’s vision is to extend the mission of VFC to foster entrepreneurship in Canada by empowering and engaging Alumni, a key stakeholder group, towards that mission. In 2023/2024, the Alumni Council will stimulate opportunities for Alumni to explore new personal and professional growth opportunities, deepen connections with each other and create more opportunities for collaboration with VFC and the broader VFC community across all Alumni cohorts. This will be done through regional events, the Alumni Summit, Alumni programming, mentorship and other initiatives as outlined by VFC and the Alumni Council.

Benefits of serving on the Council include:

• Building extensive and deeper connections with Alumni from other cohorts.

• Learning and deepening skills, including project management, event delivery, and community relations.

• Gaining experience in a structure similar to a Board of Directors.

• Directly contributing to the success of VFC's mission and vision by increasing Alumni connections, Alumni contributions to VFC activities, Alumni financial giving, and more.

• Having a strong voice in the design and delivery of the 2024 VFC Alumni Summit.

Applications are reviewed by VFC's Director of Training and Skill Development, the outgoing Alumni Council Chair, and current members of the Alumni Council. In addition to looking for a clear understanding of the responsibilities and potential of the Role(s) applied for, we are seeking a diverse Council with complementary experiences and skills to drive impact in 2024. 


If you have any questions regarding this application or the document, please email alumni@ventureforcanada.ca.