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Process Engineer



Waterloo, ON, Canada
Posted on Friday, September 8, 2023

Process Engineer in Waterloo, ON

At VueReal, our VUE Masters are overcoming daily challenges, pushing the boundaries, and are developing what is believed to be impossible.

As part of the Nanotechnology Community, you will be fabricating LEDs at an astonishing sub-5μm! These LEDs will be used in a wide range of applications; whether they’re used as cartridges for our micro-printer, for transparent displays, head-up displays, VR, or AR - the possibilities are endless and will literally light up the display industry like never before!

YOUR Day-to-day Activities:

  • Fabricate non-organic semiconductor devices.
  • Perform various processes tasks such as deposition, etching and lithography.
  • Identify root causes of process failures and provide suggestions on future improvements.
  • Comfortable conducting daily maintenance and adjustments to equipment, including the cleaning of processing tools.
  • Help develop a variety of processes.
  • Assist in test and characterization.

How YOU will Succeed:

  • You have an ambitious attitude to kick-start your career in Nanotechnology
  • With insanely hard work, dedication, and focus
  • The ability to do amazing work under pressure and insanely tight deadlines
  • Having the stamina to get knocked down 100 times but the drive to get back up and do it all again
  • You need a daily dose of challenge
  • You love to poke the universe and are not satisfied with the status quo
  • Collaborating with fellow VUE Masters through various activities

NOTE: If you are the above, you will have a blast at VueReal. If not, life will be miserable so please do not waste your time.

WHY VueReal

  • A fun, collaborative, and creative environment
  • Multidisciplinary teams with significant opportunities to learn from each other
  • Open concept office and culture cultivating inclusiveness, fairness, and transparency
  • A chance to grow with the team
  • A startup backed by major industry players
  • A clear roadmap for the successful adoption of the technology (The team has developed critical enabling technologies for micro-LED displays during the past two years, and is working on integrating the technologies in products during the next two years)


The “game-changer” opportunities are rare and we are working on one of them at VueReal. When we are done with what we are developing, the entire technology landscape will have changed forever and every single team member at VueReal will look back and say “I was a major part of it.”

However, extraordinary achievements do not come easily and need extraordinary efforts from every single team member. Together, we thrive in overcoming daily challenges, pushing the boundaries, and developing what is believed to be impossible. We do that all with insanely hard work, dedication, and focus. We move fast, we plan and revise the plan as fast as we learn new information and we continue to move towards the same goals at all times.

We take a huge pride in our team and its achievements such as being the first team to make 7000 ppi microLED array and top it by 30000 ppi, the first team that has made high efficient sub 10 micrometer microLED, the first team making a true printing microLED solution, being named one of the top ten Scale-up companies in Canada 2019, and even more that we cannot talk about publicly.

About us:

VueReal is engineering the next electronics revolution by developing and commercializing technology platforms that enable efficient, practical, and scalable production and integration of micro- and nano-devices.

VueReal is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without discrimination regarding any condition or characteristic protected by applicable laws and regulations. If you need assistance and/or a reasonable accommodation due to a disability during the application or the recruiting process, please send a request to