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Program Director (Dubai, UAE)

The Knowledge Society

The Knowledge Society

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2024

About TKS:

TKS is a global human accelerator that partners with top innovators like Google, Neurable, OpenAI, SpaceX, DeepMind, NASA, and the United Nations to develop the next generation of impact-leaders, innovators, CEOs, and scientists through coaching and project-based learning.

Our graduates have founded venture-backed companies with focuses ranging from nuclear-powered ships to AI-enhanced batteries, pioneering blockchain infrastructure, and innovative medical devices.

Learn about the inspiring journeys of our recent alumni, including:

  • Samarth Athreya, a TKS 2017 alum and founder of Axiome, known for its cutting-edge biosensors for molecular diagnostics.

  • Adam Majmudar, from TKS 2019, became the founding engineer at Thirdweb, now valued at $160M.

  • Jay Parthasarthy, TKS 2016 alum, early employee at Sequoia-backed AI startup, Tecton, now at Atomic Semi

You can think of TKS as a hybrid between Y-Combinator/McKinsey, but instead of building unicorn companies we’re building unicorn people and instead of providing world-class guidance to CEOs, we’re doing that for young people (ages 13 - 17). See Program Overview for more details.

The Program Director Position:

Program Directors are responsible for delivering our 10-month program to 80-120 students. Our Director team is uniquely composed of ex-founders, Scientists, Engineers, VCs, Management Consultants, Product leaders, and more who have a passion for unlocking potential, and want to help make a difference in the world.

With prior experience at top companies including McKinsey, J&J, MIT, and SpaceX, our Directors coach from their first-hand experience working in industry.

Location: Dubai, UAE (Hybrid)

Reporting To: Brandon Jennings, Head of Program

Position: Full-Time Position, Non-Regular Hours

Starting: July 2024

What you’ll be doing:

  • Deliver the TKS program: with weekly sessions on topics including AI, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Quantum Computing, Robotics, + more. Discuss their use in solving major global issues like climate change, energy poverty, and elderly quality of life to name a few.

  • Offer personalized coaching: and guidance in one-on-one sessions, covering diverse topics like transforming rubber waste into clean fuel in South Africa or revolutionizing Indian home insurance with generative AI. This role demands intellectual rigor and an ability to coach students to set high standards and think critically.

  • Develop an engaged community and culture within your program.

  • Create unique experiential opportunities for students (e.g. attending conferences/events, guest speakers, company tours, and lab tours/opportunities). Our students and alumni have presented at Web Summit, Collision, SXSW, C2, TEDx and more. Watch presentations here.

  • Learn about exponential technologies through our curriculum and facilitate discussions on the future, including philosophical and economic implications.

  • Review applications and interview students who apply to your program.

Experience we're looking for:

  • 5+ years of work experience.

  • Leadership experience, including managing teams and mentoring others.

  • A deep level of experience in one of the following: Technology, Science, Start-ups, International Development/NGOs, Education & Teaching, Consulting, Finance, or Engineering

Note: You do not need to have a background in emerging technologies or have strong technical abilities. If you do, it's a bonus.

Traits we're looking for:

  • You have a passion for mentorship, an interest in working with young people, and helping others grow.

  • You have an interest in the future, including how emerging technologies and sciences can be used to solve problems.

  • Ability to facilitate sessions (both 1:1 and 1:Many) towards a clear outcome

  • Exceptional storytelling, communication and EQ - ability to actively listen, gain buy-in, and problem solve

  • Structured Thinking: You routinely use mental models and systems thinking to break down wicked problems and simplify complexity

  • You have a growth mindset, learn from failure, and value feedback.

  • You enjoy philosophical discussions about life, morality, virtues, and thought experiments. You have read about philosophers like Aristotle, Socrates, and Laozi.

Bonus points if you have:

  • Built technology in hard sciences such as aerospace, electrical engineering, biotech or other

  • Previously founded a start-up

  • Researched and discovered breakthroughs

  • Are an olympic athlete or elite competitor

  • Have taken an unconventional path that has brought you closer to personal fulfillment

Reasons to Apply:

  • Be the coach you wish you had - train the next generation of disruptors, innovators and CEOs.

  • We believe that emerging technologies can solve the world’s largest problems.

  • Find brain space to be creative and advance your ideas in a future-forward environment where the latest technical and scientific advancements are celebrated and applied.

  • Contribute to TKS momentum as we expand globally on a mission to impact billions.

  • Challenge yourself in a team that rewards curiosity, discussion and self-improvement.

Working at TKS:

  • We're a hybrid team of ~30 full-time staff, based in Canada and the US, with a small but growing HQ hub in Calgary, AB. This will be our first hire in the UAE.

  • Collaboration and building relationships are important to us, and we conduct regular team and company-wide off-sites to get to know each other better. We just returned from Florida! ☀️

  • Effort is appreciated. Approach is praised. Execution is loved.

  • We have a big feedback culture

  • We hold each other to high standards.

  • There is no formal start/end to a day. You decide how to optimize your time to achieve success in your role, but make sure to communicate and be accessible on Slack. We care about performance, not perception.

Resources to learn more about TKS

Below we've included some resources that you can check out to get a deeper understanding about TKS, including podcasts from our founders and videos of our students.

🎬 Video: TKS Our Mission
🎬Video: TKS Student Experience
🎬Video: TKS: World’s Top Innovation Program
🎙️Podcast: Nadeem & TKS Philosophy
🎬TEDx Talk: Human Potential