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Toronto, ON, Canada · Remote
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

About Us

Hey there, my name is Arshad and I am the founder of Rivvi.

Did you know that 34% of workers get paid weekly and 43% get paid biweekly? You know what’s missing here? How many people get paid daily? Do you know any? For as long as you and I can remember, people have been paid on some set pay period that is dictated by their employer. Have you ever wondered why this is? Have you ever questioned it? Well, I did!

It used to be that the payroll department needed time to make sure everybody’s pay was accurate, then to send money to their payroll provider who could then do all the payroll calculations and deposit your pay to your account. But as consumer behaviour has shifted with the growth of everything being available on demand, payroll has failed to adapt with our expectations. More and more, people have bills that are due on a regular basis and with the impact of COVID-19, need to pay in advance for items they are ordering online.

Meanwhile, businesses are spending billions of dollars a year on administering payroll, from checking timesheets, calculating hours, entering duplicate data between multiple software programs and double checking everything to ensure there are no mistakes. Even after spending all this time and money to get it right, businesses pay billions more in penalties for errors and omissions caused in their ‘meticulous’ payroll process.

Rivvi is disrupting payroll with our perspective on a payroll platform that automates the entire payroll process and ensures 100% compliance. In addition, we enable employees to choose their own payday, allowing them to align their pay with their own personal circumstances and not being forced to access short term payday loan services. Our mission is to help workers ultimately live better lives.

Rivvi was born out of my own experience as a business owner and management consultant, working with numerous multi-national companies such as McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Starbucks, and more. I saw first-hand how much time and money was wasted in the payroll process. So many errors were caused unknowingly which not only ended up costing the business more money to correct, all of this had such a huge impact on employees that got paid incorrectly.

Why do we need so many people to perform manual processes and check things that waste so much time, when we could use technology to automate those manual processes and allow people to focus on higher value work? I knew there had to be a better way to do this and that I could disrupt this industry by automating payroll and eliminating the concept of a pay period… why can’t every day be payday?

Our Culture

Before I tell you about the job, I want you to understand our culture.

As I was developing the idea for Rivvi, I made note of the culture I wanted to build. I once worked for Cambridge Technology Partners and they had this magical culture that had been known as the “Cambridge Magic”. My goal is to recreate this culture, where people join together as friends.

As a remote company, it can be challenging but coming to work should be exciting, fun and challenging. You should be interested in your coworkers outside of work and we encourage connections that extend to other parts of your life. I’m a fan of hip-hop culture, sneakers, hats and hoodies. I love to travel, try great food and experience new cultures.

We believe in diversity of ethnicity and gender, and welcome all types of thinking. I’m really proud of the fact that over 50% of our team is female.

The Position

We are looking for a storyteller… you must love marketing and use a combination of design and words to target our audience and help us build our street cred. You will write original content from scratch that both educates and entertains. We need content, including blog posts on topics that include payroll, pay issues, personal finances, etc. with case studies, in depth guides, a podcast series and much more!

Not only do we need to compete with some large industry incumbents, there are a bunch of newcomers that are getting traction and we need to develop messaging to win as many customers as possible. Your job will be paramount in helping us succeed here.

Because we are disrupting payroll, we need to be aggressive in what we say and what we do. We need to change people’s minds and educate them about autonomous payroll. We need to identify early adopters and have them become our biggest fans.

In essence, you will develop content that will inspire hundreds of thousands of customers, prospects and marketers around the globe who will act on your very words. You will be charged with helping new customers understand how Rivvi can help them by creating product marketing assets such as product videos, website content, ads and sales enablement materials.

You will help us scale our onboarding and customer success program by publishing help articles and bringing our playbooks in-app. We will make you our ambassador for our brand and company values, including making sure that our in-app content is on brand -- clear, entertaining, and uncomplicated.

Since we are a small team, you will also play a big role in PR, social media, and communities. We’ll make sure you have enough focus in a given month to accomplish big things, but you can definitely expect a good amount of diversity and learning new skills.

Above all, we want you to take risks! This role is a hybrid of product and content marketing with a wide scope of impact. Have fun. Try new things. Stand out!

About You

While we are asking a lot of you, we want to make sure you will be successful and happy working with us.

You should be someone who loves writing and is extremely good at editing and crafting stories. We’re looking for a writing style that is clear and concise, funny and entertaining. We want our content to be fun and engaging -- whether it’s a blog post, a podcast or a case study.

We’re a small team that moves fast so you’ll need to be a self-starter and a creative thinker. You should be quick on your feet and be able to pull things together in a scrappy and gritty way.

You’ll need a willingness to learn about payroll and the impact of pay on workers and businesses. Of course, we’re willing to teach you if you are excited to learn.

We’re a startup and things change all the time. You need to be somebody that is energized by ambiguity and can create structure in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Because you will be juggling many tasks, you will need to be focused and organized and be able to switch priorities at the drop of a hat.

You should be a kind person who wants to be part of a team that’s building an extraordinary product, culture and brand. We expect you to challenge us and yourself. You should be unafraid of experimenting and always live by the mantra that if you shoot for the stars the worst that can happen is you will land on the moon :-)