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Community Manager/Marketing Intern

Quantified Citizen

Quantified Citizen

Marketing & Communications
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Community Manager/Marketing Intern

The Role

We are looking for an experienced Community Manager who gets fired up by engaging and growing an online community.

Who You Are

You LOVE talking to people. You are genuinely interested in what they have to say and can bring value (and the brand) into a conversation.
You’re an expert listener. You get what people are trying to say even if they have a tough time saying it.
You have the instinct of how to rally people around a cause, how to talk to them and make them feel like valued contributors.
You’re a relationship-builder, whether that’s with community members, KOLs, or even other brands. You have a charismatic personality and great attitude that make people want to trust you.
You’re in sync with trending topics and can hijack those and other related conversations and bring them back to the brand.
You are creative! From coming up with a set of tools that will help develop goodwill in a community (codes, shoutouts, etc.) to knowing how to handle sticky situations or take advantage of golden opportunities.
You know how to direct traffic to our communities and keep them coming back.
You can measure your success with tools and provide analytics reports.

What We Expect from You

Be up to date with and analyze trends within the popular science and citizen scientist movements. Leverage that knowledge in building our community.
Craft and implement a strategy for growing and engaging a global community.
Define and report on success criteria and metrics.
Provide strategic direction to management when needed.
Collaborate with the marketing and social media departments to ensure all campaigns are in sync.
Engage with community members online and have a presence at community events.

About Us

Quantified Citizen is a Seed-stage mobile health research startup (featured on Joe Rogan) aimed at disrupting the unnecessary cost and time of clinical research by democratizing the process, and enabling anyone to design & deploy clinical grade health research studies to engaged participants who receive personalized health insights.
We launched our flagship mobile research app and have had over 51,000 iOS app installs with a 4.7 star rating. Among our initial studies, we've partnered with world-famous mycologist Paul Stamets on a UBC research ethics approved 17,000+ participant correlational study on the effects of microdosing psychedelic substances on cognitive performance and mental health. We published two papers in Nature Scientific Reports (including the #3 most downloaded paper published in 2021). We've also partnered with award-winning cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg on a 6,500+ participant Gratitude Study. Stay tuned for a variety of new public studies in development.
Help us bring health research to everyone!

How to Apply

Complete form below: (scroll to get to bottom and click "Submit"

Hiring Statement

Quantified Citizen is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status.
If you're unsure whether your skills and experience would be a fit for this position, email us anyway so we can figure it out together. At the very least, we'll be pleased to answer any of your questions and offer any constructive feedback we may have (but only if we're asked).🌻
Last updated: @December 6, 2021