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Intermediate Fullstack Software Developer (Backend Focused)



Marketing & Communications, Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2024

About OpsLevel

OpsLevel is the leading internal developer portal designed to help engineering teams build, ship, and maintain software better than ever. We believe that developer portals are the linchpin to a successful developer experience. With customers like Duolingo, Sotheby's, Keller Williams, and Hootsuite, we know that the best businesses in the world prioritize a great developer experience in order to beat the competition.

We're a fully-remote team of folks who care deeply about the daily lives of developers, with team members across North America and Europe. OpsLevelers live our company values on a daily basis and when we’re not heads-down on a project or collaborating in real-time over Zoom, we're competing in trivia over lunch or sharing the latest fur baby photo in #pets-to-make-you-live-longer.

Our culture and values are very important and ground us in how we interact as one team:

Empathy - Think of others; think of your users

Growth Mindset - Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Intellectual Honesty - The best solution is more important than anyone's ego

Focus & Efficiency - Keep the main thing the main thing


Our Stack

We believe in boring technology because it’s well tested and simple. Our current stack is:

  • Ruby on Rails (our main application’s backend)

  • Vue.js (our app’s UI)

  • GraphQL (how the UI and the backend talk to each other; also used by customers as part of our platform)

  • MySQL (gotta store those bits somewhere)

  • Redis (some bits gotta be stored faster)

  • Terraform (config as code, because any other way is painful)

  • Kubernetes (we use AWS EKS)

  • Golang (for various operational tools and our open source offerings)

  • AWS / GCP

  • Docker

  • DataDog

  • Git

  • Elastic Search

What You'll Do

  • Contribute to our culture of “you build it, you own it” by proactively looking for and embracing opportunities to improve the application and fix operational issues

  • Work with product, UX, and fellow developers to gain a deep understanding of problems and features, collaborating and executing on the solution

  • Hold a high bar of personal excellence, demonstrated through high quality, thoroughly tested code contributions and reviews

  • Make code contributions that follow the latest & best practices in Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, and database design

  • Build private and public GraphQL API’s that power the OpsLevel front-end experience and CLI capabilities

  • Use agile spikes to research, present, and lead discussions that solve pieces of a larger problem

  • Execute projects in a timely manner, helping the team prioritize work to deliver the best value for customers if the team is off track

  • Discover and explore unfamiliar technologies, ideas, and concepts on a daily basis, strengthening your core skills as a developer

  • Participate in our oncall schedule, where you may be required to troubleshoot across our core technical stack (Ruby on Rails, VueJS, GraphQL, and MySQL)

Who You Are

  • An empathetic, honest, and collaborative approach to problem solving, for users done is better than perfect

  • A vibrant growth mindset. You’re comfortable learning new things. Unknowns are new frontiers waiting to be discovered

  • Experience designing interfaces with strong boundaries and separation of concerns. Your craft is rooted in SOLID design principles.

  • Some experience working on modern web applications with Rails, or a similar web application framework (eg: Spring, Django, Node.js)

  • Experience designing data models with MySQL. You have an understanding and knowledge of how data structures play a critical role in the performance of an application, how and where to use indices, and have discovered, debugged, and fixed slow queries

Nice to Haves

  • Experience with modern cloud technologies such as AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform

  • An understanding of job systems for Ruby on Rails such as Sidekiq

  • Knowledge of in memory datastores like Redis

  • You can empathize with companies that run 100’s of applications or microservices


We offer market-leading compensation, including equity, based on the skill set and aptitude of the candidate.

"Should I apply?" - Yes!

If you meet some or most of what we're looking for, we want to hear from you, and if you’re unsure - apply anyways!

What do I need to interview with OpsLevel?

Not much! A working web camera, microphone, and (ideally) a quiet place with minimal background noise.

Additional Information

We are building an inclusive and welcoming workplace where employees feel appreciated, valued and free to be who they are regardless of their gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity, disability status, citizenship, or any other aspect which makes them unique.

OpsLevel is committed to developing a barrier-free recruitment process and work environment. If you require any accommodation, please let us know and we’ll work with you to meet your accessibility needs.