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VP, Engineering



Software Engineering
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Engineering Leadership & Strategic Alignment:

  • Refine & implement the technical vision & strategy laid out by the CIO & the Architecture teams by developing the engineering strategy, setting clear objectives across the engineering organization & ensuring efforts are in stride with business goals.
  • Lead our Engineering Centre of Excellence and its team of developers, senior managers, and directors.
  • Develop engineering KPIs to measure effectiveness & efficiency of engineering operations to implement data-driven decision-making processes and continuous improvement of engineering processes.
  • Establish strong communication channels with internal teams, clients, and partners, ensuring alignment and collaborative problem-solving critically ensuring strategic alignment.
  • Be an Ambassador for the Engineering Centre of Excellence

Engineering Development

  • Lead the continuous innovation, growth & deployment of efficient, scalable engineering processes. Oversee & continuously enhance our technology stack, system architecture & development methodologies to ensure scalability, privacy, and security.
  • Participate actively in code reviews, collaborate in architecture discussions, and partner in high-impact decision-making.
  • Evaluate and integrate third-party tools, services, and vendors, and manage technical debt.

Technical Excellence & Innovation:

  • Select and integrate suitable tools and technologies for operational efficiency.
  • Prioritize comprehensive documentation for processes.
  • Guide efforts to optimize existing technology stacks, ensuring a strategic balance between innovation & the continuous refinement of all our platforms.
  • Identify potential project risks & devise mitigation plans, including ensuring compliance with industry standards, regulations, and security practices.
  • Accelerate the organization’s implementation of cloud-native solutions, leveraging one or more of major cloud providers like, AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Drive the adoption of open-source technologies, promoting best practices in test-driven development and CI/CD pipeline implementations.
  • Promote comprehensive software testing methodologies and QA processes.
  • Encourage exploration and innovation through R&D initiatives.

Management & Transformation:

  • Provide direction for operational implementation of engineering strategy to the Director(s) of Engineering.
  • Provide guidance, and mentorship to engineering managers and their respective teams in different regions.
  • Efficiently allocate engineering resources, including personnel and engineering budget across regions to optimize productivity, ensure resources are allocated efficiently, and to meet project deadlines.

Required Knowledge & Qualifications:

  • A computer / software or relevant engineering qualification or an equivalent depth of engineering knowledge derived from substantial work experience (15 years) in software engineering with a minimum of 7 years of those leading teams, ideally global.
  • Prior work experience in driving agile practices teams leading & transforming developers into high-performing and empowered, geographically dispersed teams.
  • Prior work experience with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or a combination of these.
  • Prior experience in architecting scalable solutions to business needs.
  • A deep understanding of QA and related practices.
  • Prior experience working in the B2B Loyalty or Analytics ML/AI industry is desirable


  • Expertise in multi-tenant SaaS platforms & Data Engineering domains.
  • Expertly skilled in coding with latest programming languages and in test-driven development.
  • Expertise in multiple tech stacks including .NET and JVM based technologies.
  • Expertise in implementing & optimizing CI/CD pipelines for streamlined development & deployment.
  • Expertise in executing technical projects from planning to production.
  • Expertise in mentoring and coaching other engineers in their career journey.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Oriented towards long-term or multiple year strategic planning & quarterly & year-on-year goal achievement, including by providing leadership to geographically dispersed, high-performance, technical teams & by engaging effectively with audiences at the c-suite & above level.
  • The ability to advocate for and implement and drive high quality high pace agile software development methodologies across all teams.
  • Ability to ensure teams maintain strong team commitment and engagement across the organization.
  • The ability to promote & inculcate a culture of continuous learning, growth, and innovation within the engineering teams.
  • The ability to lead in a top management position with excellent written and verbal communication with superior interpersonal and relationship management skills across stakeholder levels.
  • The ability to establish strong communication channels with internal teams, clients, and partners, ensuring alignment and collaborative problem-solving.
  • The ability to set a high bar for coding standards, best practices, and technical decision-making.
  • The ability to champion the transition to modern software development techniques, emphasizing efficiency, scalability, resiliency, without sacrificing security & data privacy.
  • The ability to utilize the expertise gained from past successful transformation initiatives by offering valuable insights & strategies.
  • The ability to adapt leadership styles accordingly across levels.
  • The ability to collaborate, bargain, negotiate, persuasively, be flexible with approaching problems, and thrive in ambiguous, fast-paced, dynamic professional environments.