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Senior Software Consultant - Test Automation

Knoldus Inc.

Knoldus Inc.

Quality Assurance
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Senior Software Engineer – Test Automation

Position Summary

As a Sr Software Consultant, Test Automation at Knoldus (now NashTech), you must have 3-5 years of 

experience and should be able to work independently on testing tasks and collaborate effectively with 

cross-functional teams to ensure that software applications are thoroughly tested and meet the required 

standards. Should have a deep understanding of automated testing methodologies, tools, and 

frameworks. They should be able to identify areas for automation, develop and maintain automated test 

suites, integrate automated tests with CI/CD pipelines, monitor and analyze test results, and ensure test 

code quality.

Technical Skills Required

▪ 3-5 years of progressive experience in software testing and automation.

▪ Proficiency in TypeScript (preferable), JavaScript, and Java programming languages.

▪ Strong grasp of core Java, advanced testing methodologies, and industry best practices.

▪ Expertise in front-end automation using Selenium and JavaScript-based automation testing tools 

like Cypress, Playwright, or Nightwatch.js.

▪ Proven experience in designing and implementing automated testing frameworks.

▪ Thorough understanding of CI/CD processes and proficiency with Git for version control.

▪ Advanced understanding of API testing concepts and practical applications.

▪ Possess at least a year of experience in performance testing. Skillfully execute performance tests to 

assess system responsiveness, stability, and scalability.

▪ Proficient problem-solving skills with a commitment to delivering top-tier software.

▪ Experience on Azure cloud will be an added advantage.

Key Responsibilities

▪ Manage testing tasks independently, collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams to 

ensure meticulous testing of software applications, meeting required standards.

▪ Utilize an in-depth understanding of automated testing methodologies, tools, and frameworks to 

identify automation opportunities.

▪ Develop, enhance, and maintain automated test suites, seamlessly integrating them into CI/CD 

pipelines for streamlined testing.

▪ Monitor and meticulously analyze automated test results, promptly identifying and reporting 

software issues or bugs.

▪ Ensure high-quality test code and consistent adherence to best practices, fostering code integrity.

▪ Guide and mentor junior QA consultants. Review test cases and provide guidance on testing 

methodologies. Identify areas for improvement and growth.

▪ Identify, plan, and implement strategic automated tests covering a comprehensive range of 

software features.

▪ Collaborate seamlessly with development teams, integrating automated testing effectively into 

the software development life cycle.

▪ Continuously evaluate and optimize automated testing frameworks and processes for improved 

efficiency and effectiveness.

▪ Demonstrate strong leadership skills in the development and maintenance of automated test 


▪ Showcase an extensive familiarity with industry-standard tools and practices related to 

automated testing and quality assurance.

▪ Formulate and implement robust strategies for managing and maintaining automated test suites.

▪ Collaborate closely with development teams to ensure swift resolution of defects and issues 

discovered during testing.

▪ Maintain comprehensive documentation of automated testing processes, encompassing test 

cases, plans, results, and defect reports.

▪ Demonstrate outstanding communication skills, analytical acumen, effective decision-making, 

and innovative problem-solving abilities.