Software Consultant - Test Automation

Knoldus Inc.

Knoldus Inc.

Quality Assurance
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Software Engineer – Test Automation

Position Summary

As a Software Consultant, Test Automation at Knoldus (now NashTech), you must have 1-3 years of

experience and should be able to work independently with some guidance on testing tasks and

collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to ensure that software applications are thoroughly

tested and met the required standards. Should have an understanding of automated testing

methodologies, tools, and frameworks. They should be able to identify areas for automation, develop and

maintain automated test suites, integrate automated tests with CI/CD pipelines, monitor and analyze test

results, and ensure test code quality.

Technical Skills Required

▪ 1-3 years of experience in software development and testing.

▪ Proficiency in programming languages such as TypeScript (preferable), JavaScript, and Java.

▪ Understanding of front-end automation using Selenium and JavaScript-based automation testing

tools like Cypress, Playwright, or Nightwatch.js.

▪ Familiarity with software testing methodologies and best practices.

▪ Exposure to CI/CD processes and version control tools like Git.

▪ Basic understanding of API testing concepts and practices.

▪ Strong problem-solving skills and a passion for delivering high-quality software.

▪ Should be familiar with test management tools such as JIRA, TestLink, TestRail.

▪ Experience on Azure cloud will be an added advantage.

Key Responsibilities

▪ Manage testing tasks independently, collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams to

ensure meticulous testing of software applications, meeting required standards.

▪ Utilize an in-depth understanding of automated testing methodologies, tools, and frameworks to

identify automation opportunities.

▪ Develop, enhance, and maintain automated test suites, seamlessly integrating them into CI/CD

pipelines for streamlined testing.

▪ Monitor and meticulously analyse automated test results, promptly identifying and reporting

software issues or bugs.

▪ Ensure high-quality test code and consistent adherence to best practices, fostering code integrity.

▪ Guide and mentor junior QA consultants. Review test cases and provide guidance on testing

methodologies. Identify areas for improvement and growth.

▪ Identify, plan, and implement strategic automated tests covering a comprehensive range of

software features.

▪ Collaborate seamlessly with development teams, integrating automated testing effectively into

the software development life cycle.

▪ Continuously evaluate and optimize automated testing frameworks and processes for improved

efficiency and effectiveness.

▪ Demonstrate strong leadership skills in the development and maintenance of automated test


▪ Showcase an extensive familiarity with industry-standard tools and practices related to

automated testing and quality assurance.

▪ Formulate and implement robust strategies for managing and maintaining automated test suites.

▪ Collaborate closely with development teams to ensure swift resolution of defects and issues

discovered during testing.

▪ Maintain comprehensive documentation of automated testing processes, encompassing test

cases, plans, results, and defect reports.

▪ Demonstrate outstanding communication skills, analytical acumen, effective decision-making,

and innovative problem-solving abilities.