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Founder in Residence (CEO) - B2B Sustainability

Highline Beta

Highline Beta

Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on Sunday, December 17, 2023


The Opportunity

Toronto, ON
Can work Remote
Information Technology
Full-time - Permanent

Marcus Daniels and I (Ben Yoskovitz) founded Highline Beta with the mission of building better ventures. Our thesis is that by unlocking assets within large organizations, we can create unique opportunities for new startup creation.

As founders ourselves, we know how hard it is to build startups. And while there are many different ways founders can get help these days, we believe that partnering closely in the earliest stages brings the most value. So we've used the lessons we've learned previously in building Year One Labs, Extreme Startups and Highline VC to inform our approach today through our Venture Studio. Our goal is simple: take the earliest stage ideas/startups, with great founders, and build awesome companies.

We are hiring a Founder in Residence (FiR) to build a B2B startup in the sustainability space.

For this opportunity we're partnering with Carbon Zero Capital, a team of post-exit entrepreneurs with successful track records scaling B2B SaaS businesses. CZC has a deep commitment to creating value & enabling the net-zero economy.

As a Founder in Residence (FiR), you'll work closely with our Venture Studio team and the Highline Beta partners to form and launch a new venture-backed startup within ~6 months. With CZC we've been exploring the sustainability space in an effort to solve problems for businesses and help them manage the regulatory, risk and compliance challenges of achieving their ESG and net-zero targets. There's still a lot to figure out, but we're well positioned to analyze the intricate workings of our corporate partners, clients, and new businesses to unlock immense value and implement worthwhile solutions.

Our venture studio team is led by seasoned builders with expertise in product & design (Daniel Kaplan), technology (Gary Fung), and growth/marketing (Nathan Prescott). CZC is led by Eric Tong and Koray Parmaks. Your job will be to take the work we've done, bring new ideas to the table, and work closely with the team, to continue the process of building a new startup.

Ultimately, our goal is to incorporate a company, fund it, and provide you with the assets & team to succeed.

Please note: This is not an employee opportunity at Highline Beta. Our Venture Studio and CZC will help you incorporate and fund a new company, where you'll be a Founder, and get you to launch / traction / fundraising for the next round in ~6 months. We will also look to pair you with a co-founder, if necessary. You (and your co-founder) will receive the majority of the equity in the new company, but your salary will be nominal (you're creating a new startup after all!)

Through our studio, you get a dedicated team and investors backing you from day one, as well as access to our Fortune 1000 corporate partners. We believe this significantly de-risks many of the factors that typically prevent so many startups from succeeding. That's how we were able to launch companies like Relay, Parachute, Moselle, and Volley through our studio.


Here are a few areas of interest that we've been exploring:

  • Compliance-driven use cases & data management to leverage automation & AI to collect, analyze, verify data & report on sustainability metrics for mid-market
  • A focus on companies doing business in multiple regulatory regions
  • Helping asset managers navigate the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape & find new opportunities related to sustainability & ESG
  • Helping private equity firms manage risk and grow valuations of their assets across the ownership cycle by improving sustainability and ESG performance
  • Solutions to support the growing number of climate change consultants entering the market

These are some examples of the opportunities we've researched in the market.

But we're open to your ideas as well! If you're working on an early stage startup (or an idea) in a relevant area, please reach out. You may not be a fit for this FiR role, but we'd still like to connect.

We're interested in ideas related to:

  • Compliance and regulatory issues
  • The data challenges (need for more high quality, verifiable, integrated, real-time, public vs internal, etc.)
  • Operational efficiencies (that can be measured), including improving workflows and reporting
  • Support for corporate sustainability investments & strategic transformations
  • Enabling and improving trust as it relates to measuring and reporting on ESG criteria
  • Increasing education in the space to create capacity
  • Integrating point-solutions into a platform for a target persona
  • The 'SG' part of ESG (the 'E' is critical too, but we believe there's more untapped potential in the 'SG')

For more information on Highline Beta and our venture studio model, please visit our website.