Campaign Strategy Manager



Vancouver, BC, Canada · Vancouver, BC, Canada · Colombia
Posted on Saturday, July 29, 2023

The Campaign Strategy Manager works closely with the companies raising capital to ensure they get the most out of their campaign with FrontFundr. The role involves a strong foundation in marketing principles, relationship management, and business knowledge. You will be working with companies to help prepare their investor materials for their capital raise and to support them with marketing strategy once their campaign has launched. 


Work closely with our entrepreneurs to set them up for success in their capital raise

  • Become an expert on FrontFundr’s platform, processes, and responsibilities
  • Review and provide feedback on core campaign messaging in their pitch decks and videos to best appeal to potential investors
  • Build an engaging campaign page with materials provided by the issuer to provide a detailed overview of the investment opportunity
  • Help our issuers prepare for the launch of their campaign by walking them through our online courses and campaign playbook
  • Check-in with the issuer at various milestones to ensure their campaign is progressing well towards the target launch date
  • Review the issues’ campaign marketing plans, discuss ideas for raise promotions, and review all their materials before launch and throughout the duration of their raise

Track campaign performance with the clients and discuss ideas for how to optimize performance and convert investors

  • Review campaign analytics to compare against targets for their raise and overall FrontFundr benchmarks 
  • Discuss what’s working and what can be improved so resources are prioritized in the right areas
  • Have a strong understanding of various digital promotion options to be a go-to expert for clients when they have questions
  • Work with our issuer marketing team to get the raise promoted in our weekly newsletter, on social media, and our podcast
  • Support our issuers by participating in/hosting events to promote their capital raise

Capital is essential for businesses and as a result, it’s often a very delicate position for the companies raising capital to be in

  • Demonstrate strong communication skills with the ability to be confident and empathetic at the same time
  • Become a specialist at navigating relationships with our more challenging entrepreneurs with skills in de-escalation techniques

Establish relationships and build partnerships with external agencies who can support companies in their campaign raise journey

  • Create referral relationships when we meet agencies organically
  • Be on the lookout for new agencies who could support our clients and engage their services if applicable

Ensure internal FrontFundr communication and project management tools are kept up-to-date 

  • Work with the compliance team to ensure all marketing materials for each campaign have been reviewed and approved
  • Meet with client-facing teams (Due Diligence, Investor Relations) weekly to ensure we are in alignment on campaigns and update internal project management tools

Support the Campaign Management team with the development and growth of our client value offering

  • Create content that will be useful for entrepreneurs before, during, and after their crowdfunding raise
  • Conduct post-campaign feedback call with each client to learn how we can improve our processes
  • Work with past successful campaigns on developing Case Studies which can be used to help advise new clients


  • Thrive in a team environment and work well with others (in a hybrid office environment)
  • Creative mind and data-driven (you will need an understanding of marketing principles and analytics to measure marketing effectiveness)
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills to communicate with entrepreneurs of all experience levels with marketing
  • Strong customer service skills with the ability to display confidence, empathy, and problem-solving skills
  • Experience with a wide range of marketing tools, including social media, advertising, PR, email marketing, and events
  • Motivated to work on and prioritize multiple projects and campaigns, in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Strong initiative, ownership, and attention to detail
  • 3-5 years of experience in a customer-facing role