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Regional Solution Field Manager for DAP



Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2023


職務内容/Job duties The Regional Solution Field Manager(RSFM) works in close cooperation with the regional sales organization. Together they are responsible for the regional TNS of the Solution Field (SF).

The RSFM has the business responsibility for all product and services classes of the SF in the region.
The RSFM works closely with the Solution Train Head, the Lead Product & Service Managers and is responsible to define and implement the regional SF Strategy that is aligned with the global SF strategy.
The RSFM is responsible for identifying regional customer needs, prioritizing regional requirements, and representing the customer towards the global organization.

The RSFM has the target authority for the Solution Field service team (FAEs, Engineers, and Customer Project Managers) in the region. Depending on the region, the RSFM also has the authority for the support function.

・Responsibility for the regional business towards the Solution Field Manager (SFM)
・Realization of the SF TNS targets in the region (together with the regional sales organization).
・Definition and implementation of the regional SF strategy, that is aligned with the global SF strategy.
-Identification and description of regional customer needs
-Prioritization of regional requirements and representation of the customer towards the global organization
-Responsibility for FAE and service projects in the region (e.g. capacity planning, project prioritization, effort tracking, reporting)
・Responsibility for the regional SF service business.
-Opportunity management
-Review and release of offer calculations within defined boundaries
・Target authority for the SF service team (FAEs, Engineers, and Customer Project Managers) in the region and depending on the region also for support team.

Collaborationwith Chapter Structure
The Regional Solution Field Manager continuously collaborates with Chapter organization (Local Lead, Chapter and Chief Chapter Leads) to align and support on the following topics:
-Resource Planning (mid and long term)
-Skill development (mid and long term)
-Alignment on strategy
-Feedback on targets, performance and personal development
-Support and participation in HR processes and instruments
-Support and enabling of activities to strengthen competencies and functional excellence

Target Solution field
Data Acquisition and Processing Solutions (DAP)
SW and HW tools to acquire data and analyze it as well as adapt the SW to the vehicle (calibration), enabling data-driven SW development:
INCA, RALO, ETKs, Blue Devices, FVA (Field Based Validation App)

リージョナル ソリューション フィールド マネージャー(RSFM)は、リージョナルセールス組織と緊密に連携しています。
RSFMは、ソリューション トレイン ヘッド、リードプロダクト&サービスマネージャーと緊密に連携し、グローバルSF戦略に沿った地域SF戦略を定義し実行する責任があります。
RSFMには、地域(日本)のソリューションフィールドサービスチーム(FAE、エンジニア、およびカスタマープロジェクトマネージャー)のターゲット権限があります。 地域(日本)においては、RSFMにもサポートファンクションの権限があります。

・日本でのSF TNS(売上)ターゲットの実現(日本のセールス組織と共に)
-顧客の代表という立場でグローバル組織に対して日本の要件の優先順 位付けに責任を持つ

日本アプリケーションフィールドマネージャーは、チャプター組織 (ローカルリード、チャプターおよびチーフチャプターリード)と継続的にコラボレーションし協力し以下のトピックにアラインしサポートする:

Target Solution field
Data Acquisition and Processing Solutions (DAP)

応募資格/Qualifications Our portfolio covers products centered around automotive SW development and testing (across all domains you find in the vehicle,least priority has Infotainment). Our target is to provide these solutions in Cloud-Environments and through cloud-based business models.
Target skills:
- Must: Strong business focus ; Prio1 Target for the candidate is to manage P&L for the regional solution field organization
- Must: deep understanding of (automotive) SW development process, good network to SW development community at JOEMs/Tier’s
- Must: open mindset towards a modern company culture, excellent command in Japanese and English, ideally with experience working in a global setup
- ideally the candidate has a background/experience in cloud technology and DevOps

私たちのポートフォリオは、自動車用ソフトウェアの開発とテストを中心とした製品をカバーしています(車両内にあるすべてのドメインで、最も優先度が低いのはインフォテインメントです)。 私たちの目標は、これらのソリューションをクラウド環境で、クラウドベースのビジネスモデルを通じて提供することです。

-必須:強力なビジネスフォーカス; 候補者のPrio1の目標は、地域(日本)のソリューションフィールド組織のP&Lを管理することです。
-必須:(自動車の)ソフトウェア開発プロセスの深い理解、JOEM / Tier’sのソフトウェア開発コミュニティへの優れたネットワーク
待遇/Salary & Benefits 給与条件:経験、前職給与、弊社内基準を考慮して決定します
勤務時間:始業9:00 終業18:00
フレックス制度有 コアタイム10:00-16:00
有給休暇(2年目より20日付与)、慶弔休暇 等
計画的年次有給休暇付与制度 有
会員制福利厚生サービス 等
勤務地/Location ETAS本社(横浜市西区みなとみらい)